Blackpool Football Club Badges.

I've divided the Badge Collection into various sections for ease of viewing and finding a particular badge you may want to see. The 19 Badge sections are listed below. It is growing as I get more organised and it has already expanded from the 10 original sections I set out with.


Just click on the wording in each blue "Badge Box" below and the link will take you to that particular page.

You can also click on the "Blackpool Badges" Tab above and toggle down the list to the page you want to view then click.


Note = When you click on a particular Badge in any one of the sections a Large Version of it appears for you to view. It also gives you a brief description of the Badge. At the front of the description is the Badge Reference Number. PLEASE USE THIS if you are asking any questions about a badge then I can see which badge you are referring to. Thanks.